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Rohingya leader Mohib Ullah Killing: Caught between fear and distrust

The Lombashia Rohingya Camp in Ukhia seemed normal. People were walking around the camp. The grocery stores are crowded with shoppers. Children playing in the streets. Teenagers are gossiping and playing videos on their smartphones. However, beneath the normal life was a deep suspicion and fear. To sense this numbness it is enough to visit the camp, which is still reeling in shock from the death of Rohingya leader Mohib Ullah. Everybody would walk with their heads down whenever inquired about what happened or who could be responsible. They tried to speak to about 50 people but the majority of them refused to discuss anything about it. They could, however, remember how amazing an instructor Mohib was, and the things that campers suffered because of the tragedy. "If Mohib was spared, the Rohingyas would have been able to return to their motherland one day," said a man of 50 years old in the process of preparing for Juma prayers. He asked not to reveal his ident